Sunday, January 18, 2009

Process in Creating

The entire process I use to create these mosaics I do basically from scratch. All of the stones I find and the ones I purchase are raw stones. The purchased stones are in relatively large sizes. I cut them all down to the sizes required and run them through one of my four tumblers using various textures of a grit that mixes with water. This process usually takes 5-6 weeks depending on the hardness and roughness of the stones. I have 3 diamond saws that I do most of my cutting with. For the larger stones, over 2" in height, I us a 14" oil cooled slab saw. For the smaller stones I have an oil cooled 10" trim saw. For shaping I have a diamond band saw. I purchase fairly inexpensive glass picture frames and toss everything but the wood frame and glass, which I glue together. I use a glue called Weld Bond, which is extremely strong and dries transparent. The designs just come to me unless I'm asked to do a custom made mosaic. After all of the stones needed are polished, I pick a color and start the basic design by placing the larger flat stones in a pattern or occasionally just randomly lay them. I then pick the secondary color or colors of the smaller stones that will fill in the gaps. This is actually the hardest part, because it's like putting together a jigsaw puzzle with pieces from different puzzles. I usually just dump and spread out a pile of stones that are the colors I've decided on. I search out and pick the stones gluing them as I go. When the stone setting part of the mosaic is completed I sort through the many glass & ceramic mosaic tiles that I have and pick out a size and color to make a border that I believe enhances and brings out the beauty of the stones. These get measured and are glued on individually. I learned how to do that and many other things about mosaics from Mara, who as I mentioned earlier, owns the store where Pam and I took the mosaic classes. I also purchase all of my mosaic tiles and other mosaic supplies from her store, as she can get just about any size, shape and color you can imagine and at a great price. Check out her store or her website. It has just the neatest items you'll ever see anywhere. Her link is;

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  1. Hello,
    I just ran across your website, as I was looking for unique mosaic ideas. These are just beautiful! What an awesome use of agates in mosaics. Just stunning! I have just started doing mosaics for fun, and have wondered how to use a few of my agate slices in mosaics. Your work is so inspirational. What a unique niche you have found for yourself. Keep up the beautiful work.